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Any member of our Charity can nominate a beneficiary by downloading and completing the attached application form. Please email us the completed application form to All applications will be discussed in our General Body Meeting, which is conducted once every 3 months.

The funding will be approved based on the criteria mentioned and the availability of funds. Within our allotted budget for a particular year, we will support educational activities for any children who are from a poor background, preferably from government schools AND/OR with physical and/or mental disabilities​. The beneficiaries should NOT be related to any member of our foundation in ANY way.​

The member who submitted the application form will be informed about the outcome. All the beneficiaries whose funding has been approved will then be contacted to proceed further.

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Fill in a simple and quick form

We are pleased to announce that we have already made a difference in the lives of some individuals by supporting their college fees, hostel fees etc. Working along with another charity named Kalvi 40, we have also funded the implementation of online education App in 11 government schools near Tiruchirapali, Tamil Nadu. Here are some of the feedbacks about our ongoing charity works.


P. Pavithra

P. Pavithra is a 19-year-old girl from a poor background who was unable to carry on with her studies due to the issue of cost. She was rescued and helped by our TMC 92 Foundation and now she is studying safely at Jeevan Community College.

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Simpson is a young adult, living in Coimbatore, tyring to follow his dreams by pursueing his chosen career. However, COVID-19 changed his life when his father passed away unexpectedly and his family used all the money they had on saving his father's life. We helped him with his financial difficulty by providing him with the money that he so desperately needed for his college and hotel fees so that he could continue his education.


Kalvi 40

Our foundation has worked to develop an educational app along with another charity known as Kalvi 40, which is named after the name of the educational scheme itself. This app has been implemented in 11 government schools in Trichy and has been a huge success both for the students and the teachers.

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